Eikobudogu USA Exclusive Nafuda: Premium Fonts
Eikobudogu USA

Eikobudogu USA Exclusive Nafuda: Premium Fonts

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Represent yourself and your Dojo with the number one made-in-Japan Nafuda - now available worldwide! Our Eikobudogu USA Exclusive Nafuda feature precisely laser-cut Clarino lettering on genuine Aizome indigo dyed fabric, and offer a wide variety of Roman and Japanese fonts.

Eikobudogu USA has a wide variety of premium fonts available. Perfect for those looking for a small customization with a huge impact. If you would prefer to use your own font or calligraphy, please contact us at info@eikobudogu.com. 

※ Please note that due to the nature of the "Sosho" (Japanese Cursive Script) Font, some names may become illegible or difficult to read. 

We are sure that there are many Kendoka who have noticed Nafuda with hard to read, ’squished’, or even illegible characters and fonts, especially with longer ‘Katakana’ names. Unlike the Nafuda (also known as ’Zekken’) available at other suppliers, our Eikobudogu USA Exclusive Nafuda are guaranteed to be consistent, made with the same beautiful balance and lettering every time.