TOH-藤 : Premium Made-in-Japan #8,000 Hakama
Eikobudogu USA

TOH-藤 : Premium Made-in-Japan #8,000 Hakama

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'TOH-藤', previously known as 'FUJI', is one of the most affordable brands of luxury made-in-Japan Kendo uniforms, making it one of the most popular brands around the world! An absolutely perfect choice for tournaments, promotion exams, and even regular practice. 

Perfect for Kendoka of all levels, including competitors and high ranking Sensei, all 'TOH' products feature a luxurious shade of indigo. Please note that all 'TOH' products are ordered directly to the manufacturer. Considering a Kendoka's exact sizes and specifications and depending on stock, please allow a lead time of approximately 4-6 weeks.