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Since 1991, Eikobudogu has established itself as a leading retailer of Kendo equipment in Japan, priding itself on the unparalleled quality of its products. Founded by their father in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, the ownership of this family owned business has since been passed down to CEO Toshiharu Madokoro, and Senior Managing Director Yoshiaki Madokoro. With decades of experience in the industry, our team of Budogu professionals provide the absolute best in Kendo equipment to Kendoka across North America!

For years, our Bogu has been a common sight in the World and All Japan Kendo Championships, sported by some of the world’s strongest competitors. Yuichi Yoneya Sensei of the Saitama Police Force and Keiichi Hashimoto Sensei – winner of the 2018 Yokohama 7th Dan Championships, are just a few of the famous Kendoka who have made Eikobudogu their number one choice!

Now easily accessible throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States, Eikobudogu is quickly expanding around the world. We offer world class customer service in a variety of languages, so please feel free to contact one of our Budogu professionals for any and all of your Kendo needs!


Sandy Ghodgaonkar
Owner, Eikobudogu USA
Sandy was born in Baltimore and raised in Tokyo, where he began practicing Kendo at the age of 8. After graduating from the International Budo University (IBU) with a major in Kendo, Sandy relocated to the United States to become a part of Team USA. Sandy has since competed in multiple All United States and World Kendo Championships. Sandy currently holds the rank of Renshi 7-Dan, and continues to practice regularly at the Gardena Kendo Club in Southern California. 

With over a decade of experience in the Budogu industry, Sandy established Eikobudogu USA in 2010. Sandy is committed to providing access to the absolute best in Budogu to his friends, teammates, and Kendoka of all levels across North America.
Nathan Gallinger
Marketing and Sales,
Eikobudogu USA

Born and raised in Southern California, Nathan discovered his love for Kendo at the age of 13. Nathan continues to practice Kendo regularly at Costa Mesa Kendo Dojo in Southern California, and currently holds the rank of 4-Dan. He is also both a founder and instructor at the University of California, Irvine’s Kendo club.

After graduating from UCI, Nathan spent years in Japan, and was given the opportunity to practice Kendo while studying Budogu under some of the finest craftsmen in the country. Dedicated to learning everything there is to know about Budogu, he hopes to extend his knowledge through world class customer service.

Toshiharu Madokoro
CEO, Eikobudogu

Toshiharu currently resides in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. He began his lifelong Kendo journey at a young age. He currently holds the rank of 7-Dan and continues to practice regularly at local Dojos. Both Kendo and the Budogu industry had always been a significant part of Toshiharu’s life. After his father's retirement, the ownership of Eikobudogu was passed on to Toshiharu and his brother Yoshiaki.

Toshiharu is committed to increasing the Kendo population by making top quality products available to all. With years of experience in Budogu craftsmenship, Toshiharu aims to provide only equipment that he knows Kendoka will love. He continually strives to improve the product line of Eikobudogu, providing the best available craftsmanship and equipment to all.

Yoshiaki Madokoro
Senior Managing Director, Eikobudogu

Like Toshiharu, Yoshiaki practices Kendo regularly, and currently holds the rank of 7-Dan. He currently acts as an instructor at a local Dojo while competing in high ranking tournaments with the Eikobudogu team.

After graduating university, Yoshiaki joined his brother in Eikobudogu at the age of 22. Beginning his Budogu career in sales, Yoshiaki quickly became heavily focused on the management of Eikobudogu after his father retired in 2009. Yoshiaki has years of experience in both management and craftsmanship, and loves everything about Kendo and Budogu. He is dedicated to provide top quality and comfortable equipment not only to competitors, but to Kendoka of all levels around the world.