Eikobudogu USA offers embroidery service on our Bogu, Kendogi, and Hakama in a variety of colors and styles. Custom embroidery is a fantastic way to personalize your Kendo equipment, and the limits are endless!

If you would like to add embroidery to your order, please send an email to info@eikobudoguusa.com or let us know in your order comments. 

Just let us know the following:


  • Embroidery Details ( Name, Dojo, Etc.)
  • Embroidery Characters (English, Katakana, Kanji)
  • Product(s) to be Embroidered 
  • Embroidery Color (See Below)
  • Any Additional Details and/or Requests

Our Japanese speaking staff will be happy to translate any names into Katakana or Kanji upon request. 


  • Bogu Embroidery* (Set): From $20 USD
  • Bogu Embroidery* (Seperate Parts): From $10 USD
  • Kendogi Embroidery: From $15 USD
  • Hakama Right Hip Embroidery: From $15 USD
  • Kendogi Sleeve Embroidery: From $20 USD
  • Hakama Koshi-Ita Embroidery: From $30 USD
  • Anything Else: Contact us for Details!

* In general, Bogu items are embroidered with one name only (first or last).