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For any custom Bogu orders or inquiries, please contact us at

Together with some of the world’s most experienced craftsmen, the Eikobudogu Team is capable of providing nearly any type of Bogu customization imaginable. While we could easily fill our product pages with options, we know that there will always be new and unique customizations that come to mind. While the Bogu sets we offer are normally in stock either in the United States or our headquarters in Japan, each customization requires different lead times and pricing. Therefore, rather than choosing from a small set of options, we invite our customers to discuss with us ANYTHING that they may have in mind. The following is just a SHORT list of the many customizations we can provide with our Bogu sets and Bogu parts.   

Menbuchi Color
The Menbuchi is a layer of cow leather attaching the stitched Futon to the metal Mengane. While the Menbuchi is traditionally painted red and black, full black Menbuchi have become common in recent years. This color is solely a matter of preference, and can easily be changed by our craftsmen.  
※ Lead Time: 2-3 Weeks
※ Cost: $50 USD

Do-Mune Style

While the Bogu sets on our website come standard with just a few Mune options, the possibilities are actually quite endless. Whether it is the Kazari (design) or stitch pattern, a customized Mune is perfect for those who are looking for a striking yet subtle difference in the appearance of their Bogu. A list of some of our most common Mune styles can be found HERE.   
※ Lead Time: 4-12 Weeks
※ Cost: From $50 USD

Do-Mune Material
While a majority of Mune have traditionally been crafted with Kurozan, Orizashi (Kendogi Fabric), Konkawa (Indigo-Dyed Deer Leather), and even Same (Rayskin) Mune have become increasingly popular.
※ Lead Time: 4-12 Weeks
※ Cost: From $95 USD

Synthetic Colored Do-Dai

Our 50pc. type synthetic Do-Dai are available in a variety of colors and styles. The size of our synthetic Do-Dai can easily be adjusted to an opening of approximately 35 to 45 centimeters. For those in need of a larger opening, 60pc. type Do-Dai are available in a variety of styles as well. A list of some of the synthetic Do-Dai we offer can be found HERE.
※ Lead Time: 4-6 Weeks
※ Cost: From $80 USD

Bamboo Do-Dai
All bamboo Do are custom made to the exact sizes and specifications of our customers. Each bamboo Do-Dai is carefully crafted by some of best lacquering specialists in Japan. While heavier than their synthetic counterparts, the aesthetic beauty of bamboo Do-Dai are often preferred by high ranking Sensei and those looking for a truly unique work of art. While the possibilities of bamboo Do are endless, a list of some of the bamboo Do-Dai we provide can be found HERE.
※ Lead Time: 4-12 Weeks
※ Cost: From $450 USD

Ago Style
Like the Mune, both the Kazari (style) and stitch patterns of the Ago can easily be customized by our craftsmen. A list of some of our most common Ago designs can be found HERE.  
※ Lead Time: 4-6 Weeks
※ Cost: From $50 USD

Kazari Ito Color
The Kazari Ito are the thick, braided decorations that appears on several areas of the Bogu set. The Kazari Ito mainly serve the purpose of decoration. While normally coming standard in black, navy, or indigo, a variety of Kazari Ito colors can be applied by our craftsmen to add a flavor of uniqueness to your Bogu set.
※ Lead Time: 4-6 Weeks
※ Cost: From $75 USD

Matsuri Ito Color
The Matsuri Ito is the thread which connects the Futon to the Hari (Futon Reinforcement). While the Matsuri Ito is normally available exclusively in navy or purple, our craftsmen are able to apply the Matsuri Ito by hand in a variety of colors.
※ Lead Time: 4-6 Weeks
※ Cost: From $75 USD

The Urakawa are reinforcements, often produced with leather or Inden, is a reinforcement applied to the reverse side of the Men are Tare Futon. The Urakawa are found in places that are susceptible to wear, such as over the underside stitching of the Kazari Ito on the Mendare. Changing the Urakawa design is perfect option for those looking for a subtle customization.
※ Lead Time: 4-6 Weeks
※ Cost: From $50 USD

※ Please note that all lead times and costs are approximate. This info is for guidance purposes only.  

Hand-Stitched ‘Tezashi’ Bogu

Premium Tezashi (Hand-Stitched) Bogu Sets have always been the pinnacle of luxury to advanced Kendoka. For the most part, modern technology has allowed for machine-stitched Bogu sets to become increasingly light weight and economical. However, many high ranking Sensei and experienced Kendoka continue prefer the aesthetic beauty and prestige of a quality Tezashi Bogu set.

Each stitch found within a Tezashi Bogu is sewn by the hands of our craftsmen, yielding an ultimate level of durability guaranteed to last for years. Furthermore, all Tezashi Bogu sets at Eikobudogu are made from scratch to the exact sizes and specifications of our customers for maximum comfort. Our Tezashi Bogu sets can be crafted from protective 3.0 Bu (Approx. 9mm) to durable 1 Bu (Approx. 3mm) stitch widths.

Unlike many of our competitors, Eikobudogu USA does NOT currently offer a Tezashi Bogu set on our website. Each Tezashi Bogu set is made entirely to the requests of our customers. Therefore, we prefer to discuss each and every detail, to ensure a perfect Bogu set that our customers will love. Please contact us at for any inquiries or details.